Bethwins at Secretts


Bethwins have collaborated with “Secretts Garden Centre” in Milford, to design and construct a new show garden. Our brief was to rejuvenate the tired looking paved garden area at the rear of the garden centre, by incorporating paving examples supplied by “Global Stone” and a detailed planting schemes designed by our in house designer “Paul Barrett”. These changes are designed to improve the overall impact and interest in that area, to showcase the quality and workmanship of a Bethwins project.

Original site:

This Original site was tired and in need of a spruce up. They did have examples of paving and plant ideas, however the area was not eye catching and did not have the feel of a show garden to attract the attension of the customer.

Bethwins Design:

This design uses three varieties of paving surrounding a sphere water feature and raised vegetable planters. A curved seating area and York stone raised planter will also be constructed. We also wanted to showcase our tree surgeon’s carving skills by surrounding the curved seating area with a unique backdrop of a carved sleeper structure, designed to connect wire plant supports

Week 1

The first stage of construction was to clear the site and take up all of the existing paving and plants, in order to strip the area back and allow us to re-level the area and lay down a sub-base ready for paving materials. The individual paving areas were then marked out ready for construction to begin.

Week 2

The first paving areas included the surrounding paved circle for the water feature and strip leading to the curved seating area were laid.

Week 3

We continued to lay the various sections of paving. Setts and Linear paving were laid and the water feature accessories were fitted ready for the main stone to be put in place. The carved timber detailing for the sleeper structures and also for the pergola began in the workshop at Bethwins Farm.

Week 4

The final paving areas were completed and then the stone sphere water feature was installed in the center of the circle paving. The curved seating area base was completed ready for the timber seat top and the raised sleeper vegetable bed was finished.

Week 5

Landscaping work was completed including the installation of the vertical carved sleepers and the pergola. The painted timber top was fixed to the curved seating area and soil and Eco compost was incorporated into the newly created beds ready for planting.

Week 6

Specified plants were supplied and planted to inject colour into the design. This was the final stage in completing the Bethwins show garden. Please feel free to visit the finished garden at Secretts garden centre Milford.

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