Garden “Contract” Schemes

We have found through experience that often the ideal solution is for a monthly fixed rate fee spread over the year that remains constant despite the fluctuations in the work that is required in your garden. This way you can rest assured that during periods where your garden needs the most attention your bill will still remain the same at the end of the month. Our forte is in the complete care and development of gardens that require regular and specialised maintenance. We don’t stop at just maintaining your garden; our team of experts are trained to be pro-active in constantly improving the garden, which you can have as little or as much involvement in as you like!

We believe that this approach to maintaining your garden is by far the best method. We offer an initial one off tidy up in order to bring the grounds to a maintainable standard at a heavily reduced fee. Then we will provide your first month’s maintenance for half price and the subsequent two months with a 25% discount.

We are also happy to provide support to an existing gardener, by managing the more specialised elements or areas of your garden. For example:

  • Border care – weeding and pruning, pest and disease treatment, plant feeding.
  • Mowing and lawn care including fertilizing and disease treatment
  • Hedge trimming.

Is this a tied in contract?

No, we would agree to our maintenance responsibilities and how frequent the visits will be throughout the year. we successfully manage many of our gardens in this manner and feel it runs extremely well, without the need for formal contracts. All we ask is that if the scheme is stopped midway through a year, then a possible pro-rata charge may be made.


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