Jobs for August





We are all looking forward to the return of the sun and heat this August (Hopefully!) So please find below a list of some of the gardening jobs to get done this month.

  • Check regularly to see if new plants need water. New plantings are all particularly vulnerable and may need watering every day.
  • Don’t forget to water hanging baskets and pots. They may need watering every day in hot weather.
  • Mulch while the soil is moist to reduce the need for watering and to keep down weeds.
  • Weed and deadhead plants regularly, check for pests and deseases at the same time.
  • Give Conifer hedges thier annual trim.
  • Adjust supports as plants grow.
  • Cut herbs for drying
  • Top up garden pools and water features to replace water lost through evaporation.
  • Organise basic care for your garden before you go on holiday.
  • Place orders for bulbs to plant this Autumn.
  • Mow the lawn weekly or more often if required, frequent mowing encourages dense growth.

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