Jobs for October








With the leaves turning and the nights drawing in, summer is now over and autumn has begun. So please find below a list of some of the gardening jobs to get done throughout October.

  • Scarify, aerate and feed your lawn
  • Gather up hoses, sprinklers and water equipment to store away for winter
  • Wrap insulation material around outdoor taps
  • Install water butts to collect rainwater over winter
  • Order hedging plants, roses, trees, and shrubs, and prepare soil for planting
  • Remove pumps and filters from ponds and bubble fountains
  • Dig over vacant soil and spread a thick layer of compost over the surface
  • Paint timber decking with preservative
  • Clear the garden, burn any diseased debris and compost the rest
  • Rake up/blow fallen leaves and keep for compost or leaf mould
  • A last mowing can be made this month before leaving your lawn for the winter
  • Plant bulbs ready for a glorious spring display









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