Jobs for September







As Summer is beginning to wind down, please find below is a list of some of the gardening jobs to get done throughout September.

  • Scarify the lawn vigorously to remove dead moss and grass then spike if the soil is compacted.
  • If the lawn is in poor condition apply an autumn fertiliser to boost root growth.
  • Give hedges a final trim.
  • Raise the cutting height on lawnmowers as the growth rate of the grass slows.
  • Collect ripe seeds before they fall, dry then sow or store for sowing in spring.
  • Give conifer hedges their annual trim and reduce the growth on new spring-planted conifers to make a thicker hedge.
  • Start planting bulbs for spring.
  • Start tidying up for winter
  • Net ponds before leaf fall gets underway
  • Keep up with watering of new plants.
  • Divide herbaceous perennials
  • Stay on top of weeding the borders.


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