Pre-spring tidy up package

During January, February and March we offer a discounted rate of £20 per hour (including VAT and rubbish disposal) for a pre spring tidy up ready to give you a head start into the summer. The tasks we could undertake are:

  • Borders are weeded and herbaceous plants divided if necessary.
  • Late flowering shrubs pruned.
  • Most climbing plants can be pruned.
  • Roses are pruned.
  • A high grade organic soil conditioner is applied which feeds the plants and helps prevent weeds throughout the summer.
  • The lawn edges are properly edged with a half moon.
  • Hedges are trimmed. Although not technically the best time to trim certain hedges, most will come to no harm. You will be taking advantage of the cheaper rates and it will give you a long summer of neat hedges!

Our hard work during these cold dreary months brings forward a beautiful spring into your garden that will last well into the summer.


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